Art and Print History and Background

Especially during spring time, botanical prints come into a life of its own. As plants and trees shed the dead skin and the leaves begin to sprout, something miraculous comes into play in the art world. It`s the dance of time.

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What Botanical Prints Have Come to Symbolise 

For this reason, botanical prints will never fade away. They will always be in demand, for as long as printing is here to stay. Once the Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus found a way to identify the genus and species of plant life in the 18th century, there is no stopping the timeless allure of botanical prints.

How Botany Transformed the Whole World

And though plants are here to stay and gone tomorrow, there will always be a market for a realistic impression of plants with some printed information beside it. Whether it is on a T-shirt or in an art exhibit, people have demonstrated time and again that they have a special weakness for these things. Almost instantaneously, depending on how realistic or scientific the drawing looks on the print--the public reaction can turn viral.

The Discovery Of Printing Also Had a Big Role to Play

The advent of printing technology certainly has a big role to play in the rise of art in pop culture. Almost everybody wants to have a piece of the action as a tattoo, paper, or canvass rendition. Art prints likewise can have special designation. For instance, the artist may choose to write in pencil at the back of the print the number of the item as well as exactly how many of the same stuff is in circulation.

Art Print Versus Art Proof

There is also such a thing as art proof, which is a kind of limited printing bent on a promotional objective. Whatever the case, the quality of the reproduction is what matters the most. Thus, top of the line printers are often called in for the job.

With the tremendous advancement of the printing industry, achieving breakthroughs in art reproduction is never unheard of. In fact, suppliers are constantly pushing the envelope. Souvenir shops are the ultimate beneficiary as constant demand is generated by the industry. These stores are often able to sell the prints at considerable markup. So whether it is natural art, a religious relic or a popular figure like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe or James Dean, the best is yet to come in the wonderful world of art printing.